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Weight Loss with Nutritional Support | Premier Medical Weight Loss

Keep Your Weight Loss Momentum with Nutritional Support

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 12-26-2017

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Weight Loss Momentum with Nutristional Support

If you think of weight loss like a geared wheel, it’s easy to understand that just one inconsistency can cause weight loss momentum to grind to a halt. Then it’s back to the drawing board as you try to figure out which tiny cog stopped your progress. Is it the type of food you are eating or the way you are exercising? Perhaps it’s something else entirely, such as an imbalance in your hormones. You could try to figure it out on your own, or you could call in your very own weight loss ‘mechanic’, who can provide you with the nutritional support you need to stay on track.

Why Get Help?

Weight loss generally happens in one of two ways: by eating fewer calories than you normally do or by burning additional calories through exercise and physical activity. Of course, comparing weight loss to a simple calculation is like breaking down principles of physics like force and gravity into basic mathematic equations. Ultimately, there are many complexities that contribute to the overall success a person may experience in pursuit of a leaner, trimmer body. Nutritionists and other weight loss professionals are typically trained and experienced in understanding the bio-mechanics of weight loss. They understand what works and what does not, as well as why some people have special needs that others do not.

What is Nutritional Support?

Nutritional support is the oversight of a balanced weight loss program by a professional nutritional counselor. This person typically checks in with clients on a regular basis, monitoring progress and offering tips for better results. When you work with a nutritional counselor, you can evaluate the advances you are making toward your goal to determine what worked since your last meeting or perhaps what did not. If you hit a plateau, your nutritional counselor can make changes to your eating and exercise plan so that you can resume your progress without compromising your health.

Why Choose Premier Medical Weight Loss for Nutritional Support in San Juan Capistrano?

Here at Premier Medical Weight Loss, our nutritional support program is designed with you in mind. We prioritize your wellness and health, ensuring you remain healthy as you work quickly to achieve your goals. Our team can also teach you important nutritional foundations that will give you the tools to better maintain your weight long after you reach your goals.

In addition, Premier Medical Weight Loss can offer so much more than nutritional support. If we believe that your weight loss may be held back by a biological issue, such as an underactive thyroid or an excessive appetite, we may be able to recommend additional tools, such as appetite suppressants, to help accelerate your weight loss progress. Other offerings, such as HCG, can provide a catalyst toward your goals – all under the supervision of a medically managed practice.

Get a head start on your 2018 resolutions by contacting Premier Medical Weight Loss for more information about nutritional support and what it can do for you. We look forward to serving you soon.

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