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Is Wine Making You Fat?

Do you enjoy a nice nightcap before bed? Perhaps you drink a glass of wine each night with dinner for its health benefits. Maybe you just enjoy having a few drinks after work with friends a few times a week. While it seems harmless enough, and there are many studies touting its health benefits, consumption of wine and other types of alcohol could be undermining and perhaps even sabotaging your weight loss efforts. How Alcohol […]

Stress – Weight Gain – Cortisol Levels

Stress. It has emotional consequences as well as physical ones. Stress is a major contributor to weight gain, specifically in the abdominal area for both men and women. Accumulation of stress at work, home, or both can be the main culprit of fat deposits specifically in the midsection. Call Premier Medical Weight Loss for more information on stress and weight gain.  Here are a few highlights on the  increase in cortisol levels caused by chronic […]