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Success Stories - Premier Weight Loss MD

Success Stories

At Premier Medical Weight Loss We Pride Ourselves on Our 90% Success Rate!

Some success stories of our actual patients!

Jana Lost 29 LBS*

Premier Medical Weight Loss-Jana I am a success story thanks to Premier Medical Weight Loss Center! After years of yo-yo dieting, and purchasing every ‘quick fix’ latest trend diet pill, nothing worked. I needed an extra boost from Professionals. The staff and Doctor at Premier reshaped not only my outlook on weight loss, but taught me how to eat nutritiously, exercise and love myself again. After 14 weeks I am down a healthy 30 pounds and feel great! You are never alone, the staff is INCREDIBLY supportive-never judging, only proving positive encouragement.*

2017 looks very bright and I won’t have to make any ‘false’ New Years Resolutions. Why you ask, because I made a promise to myself to remain healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle. Give it a try, gain control of your life. All you have to lose are those unwanted pounds! If I can do this ANYONE can!*

Sherry Lost 22 LBS in 6 weeks*

Premier Medical Weight Loss-britney I have learned so much by joining Premier Weight loss. The support is awesome you have a 1-on1 coach anytime you need help or encouragement. I’ve learn to take it one pound at a time. Nothing has worked for me in the past and this program helped get my metabolism back on track as I don’t have a thyroid and the program helped me kick the sugar cravings and I have more energy. It’s a new life journey. I’ve been on the program 6 weeks and lost 22 Lbs. and 16 inches.*

Irena lost 35 pounds*

Premier Medical Weight Loss-Irena I had the most wonderful experience with Premier Medical Weight Loss. You will reach your goal weight following the center’s guidelines and support. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. They are ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. Starting with the reception smiley faces and warm greeting you feel comfortable and at ease. The medical staff is great and insures medical support and counsel. Jennifer is absolutely wonderful and inspiring, she provides you with very personal individual care and advice. At Premier Medical Weight Loss, you will lose weight, you will lose it fast and one of the most valuable aspects of it is that it will target the most “stubborn” areas of fat deposits (like your thighs for example where even hard exercise fails).*

Helped me feel better about myself*

Premier Medical Weight Loss-Ed Ed came to Premier Medical Weight Loss after trying to lose weight on his own. In Ed’s own words, “I love this place. They helped me feel better about myself and give me the willpower to say I can do this. Love love love HCG!”*

Trust in the process and you will see the results*

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Angela Angela is a weight loss Superstar! Angela followed Premier’s most popular program perfectly and her results show. In Angela’s testimony she says, “Trust in the process and you will see the results. Struggling with weight can make a person feel ashamed and it’s hard to ask for help. Just remember you are not alone! After years of struggling with being chubby to obese I finally decided, after a coworker brought me to Premier Medical Weight Loss, I was going to go for it and make no excuses.” Angela has lost over 51 pounds and now says she has her life back!*


 The experience was so pleasant from the first meeting. Can I just say that I never felt better on this diet! Both physically and mentally. And the best part is that I wasn’t uncomfortable or hungry! And I had an abundance of energy! I was in very good hands with the staff at Premier Medical Weight Loss. Most of the staff have done the diet so can speak first hand. This was very helpful. They were full of tips and hints. Each week the monitored visits helped ensure that I was on my way to continued success. The staff was also very encouraging. I found the office very pleasant and professional. I am so grateful for Premier Medical Weight Loss and the wellness team. There is a way to lose weight comfortably and healthfully. Go see for yourself with a visit to the office. I’m so glad I did! I also feel very confident that if I need anything more from Premier in the future, they will accommodate me with the most welcome arms. – Victoria San Juan Capistrano, CA*

Followed the program to a T*

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Sharm Sharm is a success story of our office! She followed the HCG protocol to a T and worked out. (working out is not required while taking HCG). Sharm hit her goal fast and just keeps on going. She looks and feels amazing! We even have Sharm’s before & after photos in our window to inspire others for a healthy lifestyle.*

Lost 70 Lbs*

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Jeff Jeff lost 70 Pounds and is so happy with his new journey! Jeff sent Premier Medical Weight Loss a wonderful testimony. ” I was so un-healthy..can’t believe that was me not to long ago.. Love you guys! Thanks for all the help..Now I plan to get cut up and stay healthy! Thanks for helping me get my old self back again.” We are so excited and thankful that Jeff has allowed us to share is photo’s and journey to looking and feeling amazing!*

I now enjoy life and show the world the new me*

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Kathy Kathy tried for years to lose that extra belly roll that just didn’t want to go away! Kathy said, “I’m so happy I found Premier! I have a new lease on life! I had tried many other weight loss programs and I didn’t have any results! I’m now enjoying life and so excited to show the world the new me! I could never of transformed without the help of everyone at Premier. I highly recommend Premier Medical Weight Loss and the wellness team to anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off! The best part is that I now know the importance of eating real, clean food. Thank you so much for helping me on my new healthy lifestyle mission.”*

I see the body fat disappear*

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Pati Pati gave Premier Medical Weight Loss a wonderful review! “I am having the best weight loss journey ever and having tried absolutely everything, that is saying a lot! I am literally seeing the body fat disappear. I have an amazing coach Jennifer, she has been supporting me since day one. I feel amazing!”*