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Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 01-11-2018

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It’s the start of the New Year with a list full of new goals that aims for a better lifestyle. With so many goals on the list, it is important to maintain motivated and free of anxiety. Ultimately, perfectionism is not the goal, but rather reflecting on what behaviors should be made in order to garner a more positive, healthful, and mindful lifestyle. Behavior modification takes time to attain, so it makes no sense to seek immediate changes overnight. Therefore, taking incremental steps to achieve a goal is the realistic route to partake in. The American Psychological association advises some tips in regards to New Year’s resolutions.

If, for example, weight loss is part of your goals for the New Year aim to seek healthier snacks and meals that include fruits, veggies, and legumes. Swap out a rich and fat laden dessert for fruit and yogurt. It is key to make the new food change into something pleasant and delicious rather than a restrictive diet. Next, make sure to not overwhelm yourself with the idea that changes must be made overnight. Long lasting modifications take time to replace unhealthy behaviors; therefore, it’s imperative to not rush or require quick change. Additionally, expressing one’s goals and struggles to family and friends is far more helpful because it makes the change less intimidating. Expressing the struggles and triumphs of one’s goals will make the journey less daunting and less challenging.

Speaking of a journey, don’t forget to remind yourself that it won’t always be perfect and that is perfectly okay to mess up. The most important portion of making behavior modifications is bouncing back from the mishap and getting back to your goal. Life happens and one may miss a week at the gym of have an overindulgent weekend, but what matters most is becoming comfortable with failure and resilience.

Ultimately, one should be aware that perfectionism is not required to make healthful changes in the New Year. May it be weight loss, exercising, eating healthier, etc. the biggest tip is to get started and not demand perfectionism but create patience within yourself. Reminder long lasting changes require time.

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