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Shaping Up for Summer – There’s Still Time - Premier Weight Loss MD

Shaping Up for Summer – There’s Still Time

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 04-17-2018

young ftiness woman runner stretching legs before run

When you’ve got more than just a couple of pounds to lose, the beach body you’ve dreamed of can feel out of reach. As the temperatures rise and this season’s swimsuits hit the racks, you are reminded that summer is just weeks away, and perhaps you aren’t feeling confident enough to hit the beach or attend your friend’s annual 4th of July pool party.

Although swimsuit season is just around the corner, that doesn’t mean weight loss is out of reach. Regardless of what your health and fitness goals may be, achieving them takes persistence and an effective plan – something we here at Premier Medical Weight Loss can help with. As a medical weight loss facility, your health and well being are paramount in our efforts. That means there are no ‘fad diets’ that over-promise and under-deliver. Instead, we offer personalized weight loss planning combined with scientific data and years of experience to help you lose weight as quickly and safely as possible.

We offer a wide range of weight loss programs. Depending on your unique weight loss profile and goals, we recommend one or a combination of multiple solutions to you. Examples include:

Medical HCG Injections

Medical HCG injections are often recommended for individuals who are want rapid and extreme results. These injections are taken daily and combined with a specific diet designed to help the body metabolize fat cells and shed several pounds per week. Although the program is short term, it could provide just the boost you need to look slim and trim this summer and motivate you to continue your fat loss journey with a balanced diet until you reach your goal.

Appetite Suppressants

It’s difficult to overcome a ravenous appetite on your own. Whether it’s a trip to the vending machine for an afternoon candy bar or a late night craving for carbs and sugar, poor snack choices and extra-large meal servings can derail all of your hard work. In those cases, appetite suppressants may be prescribed to help minimize your cravings and keep you on track to meet your goals.


Diet and exercise are just one part of the equation when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off long-term. Your body’s health and natural metabolism also play an important role. If you are feeling sluggish or your body is deficient in certain types of nutrients, you may have more difficulty losing weight than someone with faster metabolism. In those cases, Lipo-Mino could be the catalyst you need to start burning fat more efficiently. Lipo-Mino contains key ingredients and nutrients that may help detoxify your body, boost your energy levels, manage your appetite, stabilize mood, support immunity, and boost your metabolism.

Nutritional Support

If you are a yo-yo dieter, you probably understand the highs and lows of weight loss and gain. Perhaps you know how to drop pounds fast, but the pounds always creep back as soon as you ditch your latest diet. If so, you may be in need of nutritional support. This program is offered at Premier Medical Weight Loss and can help you better understand how different foods impact your body both now and long term. It can also show you what a balance diet looks like for you and your unique needs – not the needs of the general population.

Summer Weight Loss Consultation in San Juan Capistrano

If you are looking for safe and effective ways of shedding excess pounds, consider a medical weight loss program like Premier Medical Weight Loss. Contact our office today to request your in-person consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.

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