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Meal Replacement Program San Juan Capistrano | Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss

IMG_9333Meal Replacement Program

One of the biggest challenges we hear our patients talk about when trying to lose weight is the lack of easy access to quality, nutritionally balanced shakes. Whether it is a shortage of time or a lack of knowledge in how to create healthy and appetizing meals, there is a reason many people end up consuming highly processed and nutritionally devoid convenience foods.

Meal replacement shakes address many of the challenges we face on the journey to weight loss. We here at Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss have watched many of our patients overcome their food battles with the help of an evidence-based, medically supervised meal replacement program.* That is why we offer a cutting edge medical weight management program designed to help our patients shed excess fat while still preserving muscle.

Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss offers a meal replacement program. It was developed specifically for the treatment of patients with metabolic syndrome and for use under the oversight and care of a medical professional. When used correctly, this meal replacement plan can help you:

• Burn excess fat*
• Preserve and build muscle mass*
• Accelerate your metabolism*
• Combat frustrating cravings*
• Maximize your energy levels*
• Stabilize your blood glucose levels*

With our meal replacement program, getting the nutrition you need is easy thanks to a combination of daily nutraceutical supplements and high-protein meal replacement shakes that keep you feeling full and satiated between meals. You will also receive meal-planning assistance and healthy snack and meal options.

All of this is offered under the support and leadership of the team here at Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss. We will develop a personalized meal replacement plan according to your body composition, metabolic requirements, and medical history. Your wellness meal replacement plan will include a reduced calorie program that is designed to help you reach your goals. When combined with a moderate exercise program, it is not unusual for our patients to shed as much as 2 pounds of fat per week.*

Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss Meal Replacement Program is a scientifically based program that is only available through medical professionals. This helps ensure you are only engaging your body in ways that are beneficial to your health. It also allows us to provide feedback about your progress and encouragement where it’s needed the most.

For more information about starting a meal replacement program in San Juan Capistrano or the surrounding area, contact our office to schedule your one-on-one consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.