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At Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss, we believe in you. We believe in your ability to not only meet your weight loss goals, but to also surpass them. Using our proven weight management programs, we will help you along your journey to better health, better self esteem, and a higher well-being.*

Our team of highly trained doctors, nurse practitioners, and nutritional counselors will work with you to develop an individualized weight loss plan. We work one-on-one to encourage, support, and give you a leg up when it’s needed. Your success is our success and at Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss; failure is not an option.

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Appetite Suppressants

While not the only answer to weight loss, appetite suppressants can play a supportive role in helping patients lose weight as part of an overall weight reduction program.

More About Appetite Suppressants

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Lipo Mino

Lipotropic injections – also known as Lipo-Mino – have been a key factor in the weight loss success stories of countless people.*

More About Lipo Mino

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Nutritional Support

We provide personalized nutritional support from counselors who are trained and experienced in assisting our patients in learning the keys to long-term weight loss success

More About Nutritional Support

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Medical HCG Injections

HCG can be used in both men and women who desire rapid weight loss without a loss of muscle mass.

More About Medical HCG

Weight loss with underactive thyroid

Underactive Thyroid

Losing weight with an underactive thyroid can be a struggle. Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss is ready to help.

More About Underactive Thyroid