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Holiday Season and Weight Management | Premier Weight Loss

Holiday Season and Weight Management

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 11-30-2017

Premier Medical Weight Loss - Holiday Season and Weight Management

Holiday season is among us and for some of us this season can be difficult on weight management. That’s where some easy tips and reminders can come in handy to support us to keep on track with our healthful lifestyle and manage our weight. Holiday season doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some delicious treats. It is all about having a mindful strategy to celebrate the season.
According to the American Heart Association, it is extremely important to enjoy treats and meals in moderation. In the instance of dessert, try the treat in a smaller portion than your usual excess amount of intake. There is no need to overindulge in treats that leave you feeling full and sick. It is key to plan ahead and make substitutions when necessary. For example, decorate your plate with colorful and seasonal vegetables; filling up on veggies will give you great micronutrients and leave you feeling guilt-free!
Avoid the excess amount of sodium and saturated fats by making mindful substitutions. Be aware that it’s important to fuel the body with foods that help us thrive and allow us to live a better quality of life. Therefore, go easy on the added sugars hidden in holiday beverages and swap it out for a water. Holiday parties usually involve buffets or potlucks, so check out the items first then make a conscious decision to enjoy one tasty treat—in moderation—and fill the rest of the plate with veggies and some lean protein! Make sure to have a healthy snack before the party so you don’t show up famished and ready to eat anything in sight.
Don’t forget to stay active during the holidays; in the instance that you haven’t been active, then this is time of year is great to start! Take a walk in the morning, indulge in a moderate hike, or start hitting the gym 3 times a week! Remember the importance of keeping your body healthy to preserve a great quality of life! Most importantly, don’t forget to call and schedule an appointment with Premier Medical Weight Loss if you need guidance on weight loss or weight management. Our wellness team is here to help and serve your weight loss needs; feel free to give us a call at (949) 388-7450.

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