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A New ‘You’ for the New Year

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 01-24-2018

The New Year is in full swing, and that probably means that ‘weight loss’ is once again topping your list of resolutions. Maybe you tried before and failed. You might have packed on pounds during the holiday season. Perhaps the weight has just crept on over the years, and you’ve finally had enough. Whatever your situation, 2018 is the time to start over again with a clean slate.

Where Should You Start Your Weight Loss Journey?
Sometimes the simplest things are also the hardest. For many people, the process of getting started can be overwhelming. Which diet do you choose? Should you buy a blender to make kale smoothies? Will you need a gym membership? How do you know the ‘right way’ from the ‘wrong way’ to lose weight.

Here at Premier Medical Weight Loss, we know the struggle is real. We also know that weight loss success is not like winning the lottery. It’s not a game of chance; it is a course of strategy. Do it right, and you could reap a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotion benefits and rewards. Get it wrong, and the extreme diet you choose could raise your cortisol levels and wreak havoc on your body’s systems, including your thyroid function. Instead of losing weight, you could actually gain – and do harm to your body in the process.

That is why we recommend medically supervised weight loss solutions designed and adapted specifically to meet your needs. At Premier Medical Weight Loss, our scientifically-backed weight loss protocols are engineered for your success. We offer nutritional support to keep your body in balance, appetite suppressants to reduce cravings, and an HCG Program for rapid results. Plus, when you work with a medical weight loss center like ours, you get access to programs that not only help you lose the weight, but keep it off, too.

Medical HCG Injections in San Juan Capistrano
It’s normal to need quick wins to stay motivated and feeling good about your hard work. In the same way that paying off a credit card can keep a person driven toward getting out of debt, fast weight loss results can challenge you to keep pushing on toward your health goals. That is why so many of our clients have experienced success using medical HCG injections for weight loss. These injections contain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is naturally found in the body while pregnant. Despite helping to regulate metabolism during gestation, HCG can actually induce rapid weight loss in someone who is not pregnant when combined with a restricted, low-calorie diet.

Unlike traditional low calorie diets, which result in a loss of muscle mass and cause the body to quickly store fat once normal intake is resumed, HCG helps preserve muscle, encouraging the body to instead burn off stubborn fat cells.

Medical Weight Loss in San Juan Capistrano
With Premier Medical Weight Loss, excuses are no more. It doesn’t matter if you work a lot, take care of the kids, or simply feel a lack of motivation to succeed. We have the knowledge and experience to see you through your journey so you can finally knock ‘weight loss’ off your list of resolutions for good.

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