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5 Reasons to Enlist a Nutrition/Diet Counselor - Premier Weight Loss MD

5 Reasons to Enlist a Nutrition/Diet Counselor

Premier Medical Weight LossBy Premier Medical Weight Loss 05-24-2018

Nutrition Diet Counselor

As one of the leading nutrition/diet counselors around, Premier Medical Weight Loss has heard about our fair share of fad diets, both from or diverse patient base and from our continuous nutritional education.

Nutrition counseling (when explored in the optimum way) is a process in where a registered, experienced dietitian works with their patient to get to the bottom of their dietary intake, identifying any areas where change might be needed in order for the patient to enjoy optimum health.

1.) Because Nutrition Can Be Confusing

It can be beyond baffling to know what is best and when is best for you to eat. Diet happens to be a leading factor in health and weight. It also happens to be one of the most difficult things to master. The Standard American Diet is a huge contributor to the health epidemic this country faces, so exploring the idea of a nutritionist is both smart and proactive.

2.) Because You’re tired of the Ups and Downs

As an experienced nutritionist/dietician in San Juan Capistrano, we see patients from all backgrounds and from all ethnicities every day, people who are tired of the ups and downs that they experience when they try to attack the problem of health and diet on their own. Our patients are tired of yo-yo dieting, which is why they come to us.

No more highs of success coupled with lows of disappointment. We’ll help you gain consistency instead of watching helplessly as pounds creep back onto the scale. An experienced nutrition and diet counselor will help you lose weight, keep it off, and never look back.

3.) Weight Loss is Serious Business

Weight loss is one of the greatest ways to trigger change in your all-around well-being. You’ll feel healthier, more powerful, and you’ll be brimming with more energy as a result. It’s important to take yourself and your plan seriously, and the best way to achieve that mindset is to invest in diet and nutrition counseling.

4.) An Experienced Diet/Nutrition Counselor Will Take a Comprehensive Approach

Premier Medical Weight Loss takes into account the patient as a whole. We’ll help you discover more about yourself — whether you utilize food as a comforting companion, or a safe haven from anxiety, stress, loneliness, even depression. We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan that helps you achieve your unique goals given your individual circumstances.

5.) Because You Shouldn’t Have to do This Alone

Losing weight and keeping it off in a healthy way can be one of the hardest battles an individual takes on. It’s best not to do it alone. When you utilize Premier Medical Weight Loss and our diet/nutrition solutions, we can help rid you of that extra weight that’s been dragging you down. Excess weight can take a toll on a person mentally, physically, not to mention emotionally.

Our goal at Premier Medical Weight Loss is to help our patients make new breakthroughs, overcoming obstacles that used to seem insurmountable. We’ll help you recognize the barriers between you and your goals. Through a personalized weight loss program custom-fitted to your needs, we’ll achieve your desired results the healthy, lasting way.

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