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May 2018 - Premier Weight Loss MD

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5 Reasons to Enlist a Nutrition/Diet Counselor

As one of the leading nutrition/diet counselors around, Premier Medical Weight Loss has heard about our fair share of fad diets, both from or diverse patient base and from our continuous nutritional education. Nutrition counseling (when explored in the optimum way) is a process in where a registered, experienced dietitian works with their patient to get to the bottom of their dietary intake, identifying any areas where change might be needed in order for the […]

The Lowdown On Appetite Suppressants

There are a lot of tools to help people lose weight, and it can be hard to figure out which is right for you. One of those tools is appetite suppressants, which can be a powerful weight-loss tool— if used properly. At Premier Medical Weight Loss we know how important it is to keep yourself healthy when you’re trying to lose weight, so we want to tell you all about the different kinds of appetite […]

The Secret to Shattering Your Weight Loss Plateau

The body is a complex being that has unique chemical balances directly affecting your metabolism and weight. When you first start out on a weight loss regimen, it may be easy to shed those first few pounds and enjoy some quick victories. As you lose weight over time, however, your body burns fewer calories at rest and while performing physical activity than it did when you were heavier. Often, this leads to what is referred […]