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September 2017 - Premier Weight Loss MD

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Finally Kick the Sugar Habit with the HCG Diet

One of the biggest obstacles on the path to weight loss and better health is sugar. It comes in many different forms and isn’t always as obvious as a piece of cake or a sweet latte. In fact, sugar often hides in plain sight, sabotaging weight loss efforts without you even knowing it. Highly processed foods are often riddled with sugar – including foods that might not necessarily be associated with “sweets.” That puts you […]

Mental Diet for Weight Loss and Weight Management

The start of a weight loss journey is never quick and seamless. It is filled with highs and lows as if you were riding a bike through a tough terrane. What is it that gets you through a difficult journey? I would like to say it’s your mental strength; which is just as important as the physical aspects of weight loss. Your morning is vital to start off your day with an intent to accomplish […]