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June 2017 - Premier Weight Loss MD

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Joint Pain? Losing Weight May Help

Joint pain is a serious issue that plagues millions of Americans. By the year 2040, the CDC estimates that more than 1 in 4 adults over age 18 will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis. While some types of arthritis are caused by other underlying health conditions, the most common type – osteoarthritis – is merely caused by too much wear and tear on the joints. Since many of the joints are responsible for […]

Obesity and Your Health – What You Need to Know

More than one in three adults is considered obese in the U.S.; that is, they weigh at least 20 percent more than the ‘normal’ weight for their height. Unfortunately, obesity has been linked to a higher risk of having multiple health conditions, some of which include: Cancer Heart disease, Stroke and Hypertension Diabetes Arthritis Sleep apnea Gallbladder diseases and complications And more Other Risk Variables Of course, people who are obese may not suffer from […]