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Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss

Lose Weight, and Feel Good Doing It!

Skinny Beach will help you say goodbye to that extra weight, thanks to the medical weight loss center in San Juan Capistrano, Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss. Backed by science and research, our solution will help keep the inches off of your waist, helping you achieve that body and vitality you have always wanted. Medical weight loss is a scientifically-based solution for effective weight loss in overweight and obese individuals who may otherwise have difficulty achieving and maintaining a healthy weight with diet and exercise alone. Our center for medical weight loss believes everyone deserves to feel happy, healthy, and confident in their own skin. Carrying around extra weight can drag you down mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our goal is to help you break through the obstacles standing between you and your goals through a personalized weight loss program that’s right for you.

Medical HCG Injections

When you need to accelerate your fat loss and watch the pounds melt off day by day, medical HCG injections can help you reach your goals fast.*

*Results may vary from person to person. This website does not provide medical advice.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nutritional Support

The right nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy and highly-functioning body, as well as keeping weight off.* Let our wellness team help you get started with your HCG diet plan and give you the tools you need to eat well.
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They Did It, You Can Too!

Hear how Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss Clinic has helped our actual patients get REAL results.
Let us help you create a success story of your very own.*

Expertise You Can Count On

When we established Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss, we did so with a mission to help people in the San Juan Capistrano area achieve their weight loss goals and become the healthiest versions of themselves as possible. Our practice is built upon the foundations of many years of medical weight loss research, and it is facilitated by a team of highly skilled medical professionals who empower our patients to lose weight, feel great, and live in optimal health and wellness. We believe that with the right support, guidance, and tools, everyone can lose weight – including you!

San Juan Capistrano Medical Weight Loss

Our medically-supervised weight loss programs combine medical science with the wisdom of a highly qualified wellness team and support counselors. Our patients benefit from:

• FDA-approved prescription appetite suppression
• Comprehensive nutritional plans
• Portion control assistance
• Customised weight loss program based on your health conditions
• Scientifically-proven treatments that expedite fat loss and increase energy

Whether you benefit from one or several of our treatment protocols, you can trust that the team at Skinny Beach Medical Weight Loss will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your success. Even if you have tried to lose weight and failed, the elements within our program can work together to burn stubborn body fat, preserve lean muscle mass, and lead you down the path to a healthier you.* When you partner with us, failure simply isn’t an option.

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