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Lipo Plus

When diet and exercise alone are not enough to help you soar past plateaus and achieve a leaner and healthier body, it may be time to speed up your metabolism with a combination of powerful ingredients that help the body more efficiently burn fat. Lipotropic injections – also known as Lipo-Plus – have been a key factor in the weight loss success stories of countless people; and it could be exactly the tool you need to finally move past the obstacles that stand between you and your goal weight.*

Lipo Plus San Juan Capistrano

What is Lipo-Plus?

The secret to Lipo-Plus isn’t a secret at all: it takes many of the things your body already utilizes for metabolism combines them into a single injection that helps the body more efficiently break down fat. Each ingredient has a unique benefit within the body, but it is the combination of them all that creates a synergistic weight loss effect by simultaneously addressing some of the most common reasons for weight gain.

Lipo-Plus contains:

Vitamin B12
This B-vitamin is closely associated with mood stabilization and energy. It is also a key component in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

This is one of the body’s secret weapons for detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals. Choline helps liver function by aiding in the removal of fat and bile and ensuring that those fats are utilized for energy.

This essential amino-acid is known to help offset the effects of estrogen and other hormones by acting to prevent fat accumulation within the liver and lowering the body’s cholesterol levels.

This nutrient is important in the regulation of insulin and serotonin levels. It plays an important role fat metabolism and reducing blood cholesterol levels. Inositol is credited with mood stabilization, as well as appetite management.

Is Lipo-Plus Right for You?

You might benefit from Lipo-Plus if you desire to look and feel healthier than you do now. Lipo-Plus not only aids in weight loss, but it might also be beneficial in boosting your energy levels, providing greater mental clarity, and helping to detoxify your body of harmful wastes.*

We view Lipo-Plus like a platform that helps set our patients up for success on their weight loss journeys. Just a few weeks of Lipo-Plus injections can result in tremendous benefits, including noticeably healthier skin, hair and eyes.

For more information about Lipo-Plus or to find out if it could be right for you, contact our office to schedule you one-on-one weight loss consultation. We look forward to serving you soon.

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